Saturday, 7 March 2015

Minty Fresh!

Whilst perusing Primark I stumbled across the Angelica Nail Polish stand and was instantly drawn in. Obvs. I very almost bought a glitter that I already own because mine has gone a bit gloopy and I've not been able to find a similar mix of glitter colours anywhere else. However, I forced myself to branch out instead. I picked a mint dots polish called Minty Fresh, and a gold multi glitter called Dinner Dance. When I got home I thought it was only right to take them on a test run together!

I teamed Minty Fresh and Dinner Dance with Breakfast In Bed* by Rimmel and Chai* by Barry M. Breakfast In Bed is almost an exact match for the dots in Minty Fresh and I love the combo of grey and mint. I chose a mix and match using the dotty polish, hand drawn polka dots and a glitter fade - in hindsight dots plus dots was probably not a good choice!

Out of the two I had highest hopes for Minty Fresh but it was a bit of a let down, falling prey to the usual issue of being way too sparse with the dots. I had to work hard to get a good coverage and it was impossible to do without leaving a really thick layer of polish. Not great. Dinner Dance, however, was a nice surprise. It's a lovely little gold glitter mix, it's got a silvery tint rather than yellow gold and the tiny glitter pieces give it good coverage. The larger glitter pieces are a tad sparse but I can get over that! 

So it was a bit hit and miss with the Primark polishes, but isn't that the case with Primark in general? I suppose you get what you pay for! I think these were £2.50 each, so not super cheap but not exactly pricey either. As I mentioned, my last Primark glitter went to gloop pretty swiftly, so I'm interested to see how much life I'll get out of these two!

On the other hand, their nail pens (despite smelling a lot like PVA glue) are a surprisingly good formula. I got a lot of use from mine before it inevitably blocked up, definitely worth a quid or two!



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