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mint nail polish collection

Here at Dahlia Nails we love mint polishes and I've been meaning to do a little feature on my faves for a while. Emma showcased some of her impressive collection a while back in Make Mine a Mint, and now it's my turn!

The photo above shows most of my mint polishes - I think there are a few more lurking around but my polish collection is a total mess at the moment. These are the most regularly used anyway! I'm a big fan of mint polish, as I'm sure you're aware if you're a regular here, but I especially love it in spring. It's the perfect colour for the season of new life when everything starts turning green again! Green polish is a bit odd and tough to wear, but mint it a whole different story. My collection includes bright mints, dusty mints, greeny mints and even speckled mints! I somehow managed to pick out my top 5 and have swatched them for you today. 

top 5 mint nail polishes
L-R: Barry M - Sugar Apple*, Rimmel - Peppermint*, Barry M - Greenberry, Models Own - Apple Pie, Rimmel - Chase Me*

top 5 mint nail polishes

Annoyingly I didn't photograph the polishes in the same order I swatched them in, so I'll just run through them clockwise, starting with my thumb...

Thumb - This is Rimmel - Chase Me* the newest addition to my mint family. If you've read my post on the Sweetie Heart Matte Pastels collection you'll know that this is my favourite polish from that range and I love it so much it went straight into my top five mints! It's a dusty mint with a cool tone and edge of grey, I'd describe it as the perfect 'duck egg' shade. It's got a chalky matte finish which gives it an interesting look, but you could always top it with Seche if gloss is your thing. The formula of this polish is a little strange due to the matte effect, but if you're careful you'll be fine with two coats, plus it dries really quick!

Index - Barry M - Sugar Apple* was a spring addition to their Gelly collection in 2014 (originally swatched here). It's similar to Chase Me* but as the name would suggest, has a slightly sweeter colour with less grey undertone. It's a really beautiful, glossy, pale polish which leans towards the bluer end of the mint spectrum as apposed to yellow. The formula of this polish is gorgeous and it's fully opaque with two coats. 

Middle - Next up is Rimmel - Peppermint, this is the longest standing member of the top five and it's place has never been in question. I see this as the 'typical' mint shade with the perfect mix of blue and green, not too pale, not too bright and an absolutely brilliant formula (this is a new bottle but my really old one is still going strong - seriously I've had it for about 8 years!) I've used this tons of times on the blog but my favourite is this mani I did on my sister which won us Rimmel's #nailthelondonlook competition back in the day (closely followed by our first attempt at Cath Kidston nails!) 

Ring - I had to text Emma to check if Barry M - Greenberry counts as mint, I was so happy when she said yes! We both LOVE this polish, but I wasn't sure if it was too bright to classify as a true mint. Anyway, once I got the all clear there was no question that it would make it into the top five. This polish has possibly the best colour density I've ever seen, it's just so rich and bright and all round awesome. We even did a mini feature on it to show our appreciation here. We use it a lot so we're sure you're all pretty familiar with it!

Pinky - Last but not least is Models Own - Sugar Apple. This is the most yellow of the mints in the top five. I tend to lean more towards the bluer end of the scale, you'll notice that there are more yellow toned mints in my collection that just didn't make the cut. I love the warmth of this polish and it's super glossy finish. The formula is a bit of a pain so I needed three coats here meaning it took longer to dry, but if you have some patience it's worth the effort. We use Apple Pie a lot as a neutral-ish base for all sorts of patterns including florals, abstract, and even pizza! It's supposed to be scented, but don't get your hopes up. 

That rounds out the top five but there was a runner up at deserves a special mention. Models Own - Magpie is an absolutely amazing mint but as it's speckled I chose not to include it in my top five. It's like the love child of a mini egg and mint choc chip ice cream - what could be better than that?!

Are you a mint polish fan? If so, which is going to be your go-to mint of Spring 2015? 

Have you got any other recommendations for our collection?


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  1. I'm a massive mint fan as well! Looks like I need to try Rimmel Peppermint though, I don't want to miss out. Greenberry is one of my all time favourites out of ALL my polishes. I'm also kinda impressed you got Sugar Apple opaque in 2 coats, maybe I'm a bit stingy! Haha xx
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