Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lemons and Limes

fruit nail art

We've held off as long as we could, but we've made an executive decision - it's close enough to summer for fruit nails! Emma gave you a Speedy Watermelon mani earlier this week and today I've got lemons and limes for you. I don't know what it is about fruit and nails but they just go so well together - I know Vicky from The Polish List will agree with me here!

fruit nail art

I used a group of Barry M's to create this, their bright polishes are a favourite when we're on a fruit nails binge! I used Cotton* for the white base, Lemon Ice Cream and Stop The Clock for the lemons along with Key Lime for the limes, fittingly! 

I used a small brush to draw on circles of varying sizes in Key Lime and Lemon Ice Cream. I then filled them with smaller circles in Stop The Clock for the lemons and Key Lime mixed with Cotton* for the limes. I used a tiny brush to add on some detailing in white, but it ended up a bit messier than I hoped. Finally, I filled the gaps with Lemon Ice Cream polka dots, added with a dotting tool, and topped it all with Matte Top Coat*. 

fruit nail art
fruit nail art

These didn't turn out as I'd hoped. They were really fiddly because I made the lemons and limes a little too small. In hindsight they would have been easier to draw on if they were slightly larger.

These make me want a glass of ice water filled with lemons, limes and maybe some fresh mint. Oh and a good book, pool and sun lounger... too much to ask?

What's your view on fruit nails? We hope you like them as they're likely to feature heavily on the blog again this summer :)



  1. I think you did a fine job with these nails and they make me want a tall glass of lemonade! :)

  2. I certainly do agree with you. I love this design so much, it's great how fresh you're being with the fruit manis. It's making me want to grab some polish and paint some lemons ASAP! Xx
    P.S your nails look fab


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