Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mum recently uncovered a load of old worksheets and drawings from when we were little. There were various Mother's Day projects included so there were lots of drawings and descriptions of her. We were particularly taken by my brother's efforts, and the fact that he repeatedly drew her without arms! I decided to recreate a few of his drawings for a Mother's Day mani. 

The original drawings
I used three Models Own polishes for the main design - White Light (HyperGel), Shades (Polish For Tans) and Pink Fizz glitter. I used Barry M nail art pens and a few of their coloured polishes for the detailing. I used a neon pink as I wanted to stay away from the traditional soft Mother's Day pallet and make this mani stand out a bit! I used a matte top coat but we keep finding that something in the matte polish makes the black nail pen polish go strange and patchy. Annoying. 

It's a little bit of a mish mash I'll admit, but I love that it has that random element to it, like kid's drawings and creations tend to! I'm not sure if likening my nail art to work of a 6 year old is a good thing but I'll roll with it.

My favourite is his drawing with the blue glasses and epic perm! I'm not sure I did the originals justice but like that they give a personalised element to the design. I was originally planning on just drawing a few childlike pictures, before deciding on doing the recreations! 

I would have shown you my drawings of my Mum but strangely all the bumf she found of mine was from Bonfire Night and filled with pictures of Guy Fawkes! They were pretty great, but not really suitable for a Mother's Day design..



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