Monday, 2 March 2015

Greenberry & Gold

Splatter nails. A bit of a dark art and an extremely messy process but if you can get it right the result is gorgeous! I've done splatter nails once before but they were on a test wheel because I just couldn't cope with all that mess on my fingers. I figured that as we've come so far since then, it was time for another go!

I saw a similar colour combination on Pinterest (although I can't find the post now!) and really loved the way the metallic and matte worked together. Barry M's Greenberry is one of my absolute fave polishes so, as I hadn't had it out for a while, I chose that for the base. It's so bright and eye catching I knew it wouldn't be overshadowed by the gold splatter. The gold is Foil Effects, another Barry M polish. 

To achieve the splatter effect I started with a straw, dipped it into the gold polish and blew. It has worked for me in the past, but it didn't this time. Not at all! So nails still without a hint of gold I tried another approach. Using the stiffest brush in my collection I dipped it into gold polish and used my finger to spray/flick it across my nails. The process worked, but no polish actually made it to my nails. With a bit of manoeuvring, a little luck and a lot of mess I finally got some gold polish onto my nails and the desired effect started to appear. A long time later and with very little patience left I had sufficiently splattered my nails!

Ok, so it took a while to get there but I am SO happy with the outcome of this mani. The mess (gold polish everywhere!) was entirely worth it. The bright background of Greenberry, combined with the rich gold polish and the juxtaposition of metallic and matte all come together to produce a beautiful and usual mani. 

I thought about adding a little bit of black spatter too, to achieve a turquoise-esque finish, but I couldn't bear to ruin this design. Maybe next time!



  1. Love it! I have both colours, I definitely need to give this a whirl.

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    1. Do it! Let us know if you do so that we can take a peek. E&J.xx


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