Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Geometric Speckled Eggs

Some days you get halfway through a post and realise you've inadvertently created a pretty cool design. Today's mani was one of those times! This post has a few more images than usual as I've included the bonus half way through photos along with the final design - I still can't decide which I actually prefer!

The design I was after was crisp triangles outlined in black, on a white background, filled with polka dots. I then had a rummage through my Models Own draw and came across last years Speckled Eggs collection which I adore - so replaced the polka dots with speckles instead. 

I used three coats of White Light HyperGel as a base and then Barry M's black nail art pen for the triangles. I didn't actually use the pen to draw them on though, I squeezed some of the polish out and applied it with a small brush. This is because the white base was quite thick and I didn't want the pressure of the pen to dent or drag the polish - basically I couldn't wait long enough for it to fully dry! I used the same technique with their white nail art pen to do some touching up. 

It was at this stage I realised that the triangle outlines made a really interesting design on their own. I love a clean and simple geometric design and the modern monochrome colour scheme really works. I was really tempted to leave it at this but decided to take a few pics to share with you and carry on to see what the finished result would look like. 

To finish of the design I added the colourful Speckled Eggs range to create a skittle mani effect (a different colour on each nail). Starting with the thumb the colours are Swan Lilac, Dove Pink, Goose Yellow, Magpie Green and Duck Blue. I can't believe this collection is almost a year old already, I definitely have not used them enough recently. The only problem with them is they remind me of mini eggs and make me crave chocolate!

I love how colourful this design turned out and am really glad I used the Speckled Egg polishes rather than just polka dots. I had to go for a skittle mani as I couldn't decide which shade was my favourite! It's amazing how different this design looks when you add a hint of colour, it's totally transformed. 

I'm still struggling to decide which version is my favourite. My love of all things bright draws me to the finished design but the half way through monochrome version plays the crisp geometric card! According to my other half the black and white triangles are 'cool' whilst the colourful version is 'more 80's, like Saved By The Bell esque'. Both of those are absolutely fine with me!!

I really enjoyed creating this mani - it's been way too long since I did a proper geometric design and I've missed them! It was an added bonus to get two designs in one and I hope you've enjoyed me sharing them both with you. 

Which would you go for? The simple, clean, and slightly more wearable monochrome look, or the bright and fun Specked Egg option?



  1. I love both looks a lot!! They're just really different, it's funny how much difference some colour can make :) Maybe the monochrome look has my preference but only slightly!

    1. That's why we decided to include them both. It's crazy how different they look even though they're pretty much identical. E&J.xx

  2. These are great! I can't decide which I prefer either!


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