Monday, 23 March 2015

Chrome Stripes & Roses

I was so excited when I saw Models Own's Chrome Rose* polish as I am having a real rose gold love affair at the moment. When Jo swatched some of the range back in Feb I knew I had to have the rose in my life. The only problem was I hadn't seen it used in any nail art anywhere and thought it looked a bit full on as a bare colour so had to think how I might incorporate it into my style. 

So here's what I came up with! Maybe not your average everyday mani but I think it's such a good look for a wedding or a special occasion. And I'm so happy that the rose gold works! It's given me loads of ideas now to incorporate this shade into other designs. I like that you can't see the flaws so easily - the chromes were notoriously difficult to get an even coverage with, typical metallics eh?! - and the roses balance the hard look of the stripes. So pleased with this. Only wish I'd tried it matte too...

Have you managed to incorporate the MO Chrome range into some pretty nail art? We'd love to see!




  1. This is gorgeous I love the stripes! I did have a go at using the Chromes for nail art (there's a post on my blog) but I found it so tricky as they dried so fast! May I ask, did you paint the white first or the rose gold? x
    Amy Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. We haven't seen much nail art with the chromes at all, probably because they are quite hard to work with. We painted the rose gold first and then used a white nail art pen to draw the stripes on. E&J.xx


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