Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sophia Webster 'Amanda' Nails

We love Sophia Webster shoes as much as, well pretty much every other woman on the planet, and it's an added bonus that they're chocked full of nail art inspo too! Emma and I have created nails inspired by Sophia Webster designs before - here and here, and I've done a third for you today. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter Bunny for Beauty At Tesco

Today's post is another brought to you by Beauty at Tesco. This time we're getting in the mood for Easter with a cute bunny. I did an Easter bunny last year as well so wanted to try and mix things up a bit this time with some fun carrot accents and pastel polka dots. 

I drew inspiration from this by looking at the Easter wheel I did last year. Lots of designs on there to help you come up with something original, especially if you mix and match. 

Are you looking forward to the Easter weekend? Did you give up anything for Lent that you're going to indulge on come Sunday?

You can follow Beauty at Tesco on InstagramPinterest, and Twitter, or visit their blog here.


Sunday, 29 March 2015


mint nail polish collection

Here at Dahlia Nails we love mint polishes and I've been meaning to do a little feature on my faves for a while. Emma showcased some of her impressive collection a while back in Make Mine a Mint, and now it's my turn!


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Make Me Blush

Just a quickie for you today. I recently went through my stash and rediscovered this beauty from an old H&M collection. H&M used to collaborate with Disney quite a bit on beauty ranges. I have two other polishes from their Bambi range and remember seeing a Mickey&Minnie collection as well as a Donald&Daisy one. I haven't seen any Disney polishes in there for a while though which is a shame as they were so kitsch and cute. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Rimmel London Sweetie Heart Matte Pastels

This month Rimmel have three, yes THREE new nail collection releases. You might have seen some out in shops already. We were so excited when Rimmel sent out the press releases and have been eagerly awaiting our samples. The first collection, Sweetie Heart Matte Pastels, finally arrived (after being held hostage by the postman) this week and we got straight to swatching!

Rimmel London Sweetie Heart Matte Pastels
L-R: Love Bug*, Cheeky Chap*, Chase Me*, Cheeky Girl*, You're Mine*
The Sweetie Heart collection is made up of five soft sorbet shades which dry with a velvety matte finish. This is one of many new pastel releases this Spring so we were curious to see how Rimmel's efforts compared. First impressions were great, the bottles have been redesigned and look really cute, and the colours are gorgeous. Although it's a small collection it covers all the main pastel bases, the only shade we would have added is a purple. Let's have a closer look...


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fresh Minty Daisies

With Easter just around the corner I felt the urge for a fresh minty mani! I'm so excited about the longer days and that the sun is showing it's face a little more often. Although it totally sucks that we're going to lose an hour of our precious weekend this week!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Essence Effect Nail Polish: Latex

When this little number landed on my doormat I was intrigued. I'm not ususally a huge fan of effect nail polishes like this as they don't tend to have the intended finish and they seem a bit gimmicky. Denim effect nail polish, for example, is not really my thing. The ones I've tried just don't look like denim, more of a weird metallicy blue!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Simple Barry M Badger

The working title for this post was just 'badger', which made me chuckle to myself. Even more so when Emma felt the need to text me before opening the draft to check that it wasn't going to contain offensive images! Needless to say, I thought it was best to change the title for publishing, but have ruined the classy illusion by telling you all the story anyway!

Today's badger design was actually inspired by Emma's Easy Autumn Fox tutorial and I followed Emma's steps to create it. I only used one polish and two nail art pens to put this design together - Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in Pit Stop* and their black and white pens.

We're big fans of animal nail art, this one is among the more simple designs (Animals of Farthing Wood was pretty elaborate!) Plus, I am a little worried that my badger looks a little like a dog, oops! So probably not the best animal mani we've ever done but I do like the monochrome & grey colour scheme and the cute polka dots seem to work well. 

Are you a fan of animal manis?


Monday, 23 March 2015

Chrome Stripes & Roses

I was so excited when I saw Models Own's Chrome Rose* polish as I am having a real rose gold love affair at the moment. When Jo swatched some of the range back in Feb I knew I had to have the rose in my life. The only problem was I hadn't seen it used in any nail art anywhere and thought it looked a bit full on as a bare colour so had to think how I might incorporate it into my style. 


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lemons and Limes

fruit nail art

We've held off as long as we could, but we've made an executive decision - it's close enough to summer for fruit nails! Emma gave you a Speedy Watermelon mani earlier this week and today I've got lemons and limes for you. I don't know what it is about fruit and nails but they just go so well together - I know Vicky from The Polish List will agree with me here!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

What I Did For Love

I've been watching a lot of music channels recently as there just never seems to be anything else on. One plus is that I get so much inspiration from music videos. The inspo for this mani comes from David Guetta's 'What I Did For Love'. I got drawn into the song by Emeli Sande's beautiful voice and then noticed the pop arty style video and instantly knew that I wanted to come up with some matching nail art.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Rimmel Glitter & Polka Dots

Rimmel sent us a press release this week and it was epic. They have launched an absolute TON of new polishes! While we wait to get out hands on them I had a root through the Rimmel drawer in my helmer and put something simple together.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Speedy Watermelon

Last summer I had a bit of a thing with fruity manis and now the weather is on the turn I am craving them again! I'm kicking off this year's fruit fest with a classic watermelon design. We've used watermelons before, here and here, but I don't think you can ever have too many! 
I used three Barry M polishes for this look: Pole Position*, In a Heart Beat*, and Greenberry. I also used my black and white nail art pens (the white for underneath the rind on the pink nails). I used a matte top coat to finish the design off. I think I said before I have a bit of a thing for matte, pastel manis at the min. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon, I don't want y'all to get bored! 

Do you guys have any requests for us for summer? I'm getting in the mood now! 



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

One Nail To Rule Them All Mani Swap!

A while back we did a mani swap with Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All. A mani swap is when we recreate one of her designs and she does one of ours. It was so much fun we decided to do it again today for you, and this time is has a strong Spring vibe!

We are inspired by Alice a lot, so you should be used to seeing recreations of her designs on here! Below are the originals that we recreated today. On the left Negative Space Florals, and on the right Polka Dot Owls.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patrick's Day for Beauty At Tesco

Happy St Patrick's Day! Today's post is brought to you by Beauty at Tesco so we're only sharing the one image on our blog, you can see more on their social media accounts. Keep reading for all the relevant links! 

St Patrick's Day Nail Art


Monday, 16 March 2015

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Dahlia Nails
A couple of months ago some of my work mates got to go and see a sneak peek of the new Cinderella film. I was sooooo jealous as I am a huge Disney fan and, although not usually a fan of remakes, this one looks pretty good. They confirmed this when they smugly waltzed back into the office from Disney HQ. Damn them. Still, it gives me a good excuse to go to the cinema again. Maybe I can persuade Jo to come along?! 


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mum recently uncovered a load of old worksheets and drawings from when we were little. There were various Mother's Day projects included so there were lots of drawings and descriptions of her. We were particularly taken by my brother's efforts, and the fact that he repeatedly drew her without arms! I decided to recreate a few of his drawings for a Mother's Day mani. 


Saturday, 14 March 2015

England Rugby Nail Art

England Rugby Nailart

Sorry we're a bit late today, it's been hectic recently! Our designs take quite a while to dream up, prepare, create, edit and write up so it can be tough finding the time to produce quality content for you. It's also a challenge getting good lighting for photos so we are ecstatic that the evenings are starting to get lighter again, yay! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Glitter Florals

We're a little bit excited about Spring, had you noticed? Today I went for a floral, glitter and bright white mix - perfect for catching those first hopeful rays of sunshine! This mani didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to and it's definitely not one of my best attempts at florals but I thought I'd share it anyway.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring Leopard

Every now and then I have the urge to create a leopard print mani. I think it's one of those designs that I will always go back to, it's a classic! It seemed like ages since I last used the print so I had a little look back over all of the leopard manis we have created and there aren't actually as many as I thought. I think there are about eleven in total. My last was in September so this is well over due. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Green Gladiola & Grids

I've been seeing this grid pattern everywhere recently, mostly on clothing. Of course now I can't remember where but there is definitely an H&M shirt available with a thin striped wide grid - gotta love H&M, they have everything! I've been meaning to try it out on my nails for a while but wasn't sure I could get the lines neat enough. Today is the day...


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Strange Mind Of Me

Sometimes I get an idea for a mani and I really don't know where it came from. This is one such design. Last week was crazy at work and I didn't get a chance to even really think about designs so when I got a day off this week I knew I had to go strong on the designs. I had planned out about ten designs I wanted to finally get done and then out of nowhere this bad boy came along! And no I didn't end up doing half of the others that I'd wanted to do. Typical. 
I used three barry polishes for this look: Cotton*, In A Heart Beat* and Gold Majesty*. I used my black nail art pen to draw the random lines. They weren't meant to look like this but the black kept running off of the Gelly polish. Usually this frustrates the hell out of me but it actually worked OK for this mani. I topped everything off with a matte top coat. I find these Speedy polishes work really well when mattified. 

Hope you're all getting to relax a bit more than I am this year. 2015 seems to have flown by already. Before you know it we'll be creating those crazy fun summertime manis. I can't wait!!


Monday, 9 March 2015

Swatches: Edge Nails

It's definitely swatching season here at Dahlia Nails, we've got another bunch for you today. This time the polishes are from The Edge Nails, one of the UK's leading professional nail care brands. Previously only available to nail salons and technicians The Edge have recently opened their doors to the rest of us! We got sent five polishes to swatch for you Tahiti*, Egyptian Gold*, Paris*, London* and Sydney*  


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Who Run The World?

Today's mani is in aid of International Women's Day which falls on 8th March every year. It kind of feels like we shouldn't need a day to push for gender equality in this day and age but I'm glad for any excuse to celebrate womanhood. 

There are a few themes and hashtags for the day. I leapt on the #paintitpurple one and went for a purple gradient with overlayed lettering. It took me several attempts to get this right as the lettering wouldn't come out right. I'm clearly out of practise. I was going to do one of our classic poses and put my fingers over the polishes used but then my nails read OMAN which isn't really the message I'm going for! 

For more information on IWD have a peek here


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Minty Fresh!

Whilst perusing Primark I stumbled across the Angelica Nail Polish stand and was instantly drawn in. Obvs. I very almost bought a glitter that I already own because mine has gone a bit gloopy and I've not been able to find a similar mix of glitter colours anywhere else. However, I forced myself to branch out instead. I picked a mint dots polish called Minty Fresh, and a gold multi glitter called Dinner Dance. When I got home I thought it was only right to take them on a test run together!


Friday, 6 March 2015

Emma's Barry M Collection

I have been so strapped for time recently that I haven't been able to create many new designs for you lovely folk - sorry! So I thought I would show you my rather large collection of Barry Ms to keep you going until I am able to actually sit down and get on with some nail art. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at the polishes I have amassed over a number of years from one of my fave brands. 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Purple Opulence

This design is a little bit of a mish mash of ideas I must admit. It started with the ring finger, which was inspired by a pattern I saw on Instagram, the rest then sort of fell into place around it. Somehow it actually turned out alright and I'm fairly pleased with the outcome! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Geometric Speckled Eggs

Some days you get halfway through a post and realise you've inadvertently created a pretty cool design. Today's mani was one of those times! This post has a few more images than usual as I've included the bonus half way through photos along with the final design - I still can't decide which I actually prefer!

The design I was after was crisp triangles outlined in black, on a white background, filled with polka dots. I then had a rummage through my Models Own draw and came across last years Speckled Eggs collection which I adore - so replaced the polka dots with speckles instead. 


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Emma's Hand Care Routine

My hands are pretty dry at the best of times so I really need to take care in winter to prevent crusty cuticles and flaking nails. If you've seen any of my Then and Now posts you'll see what my cuticles looked like in my pre-blogging days and they were not a pretty sight. If I'm not careful that's what they would end up looking like at all times. So for the colder days I tend to follow these steps: 

1. Exfoliate I use L'Occitane's One Minute Hand Scrub for a good exfoliation. It seems pretty abrasive as you're doing it but the results are amazing. After one minute with this scrub my hands feel smooth and any white flakes around my cuticles disappear. I'm addicted! I use this about twice a week. 

2. Cuticles After scrubbing my hands and nails I use good old Lemony Flutter from Lush for an intense dose of moisture on my cuticles. The moisturising effect of this doesn't seem to last all that long but I find with regular use the overall condition of the skin around my nails does improve quite significantly. A little goes a long way which means the pot lasts for ages. 

3. Moisturise For my hands I use all manner of creams but my current fave is from the Body Shop and is a real oldie but goodie. I remember when this first came out and laughing with all my friends about Body Shop selling weed-based products but being instantly addicted. The smell isn't for everyone but the benefits from the cream out way the smell if you aren't a fan (I am so it's fine). 

4. File My life was revolutionised when someone told me to use a glass nail file. I purchased a crappy one from somewhere and found that it was waaaay better than the stupid emery boards I was using which split my nails like no one's business but it still wasn't great. Then I bought this bad boy from Nails Inc and I have never looked back. I must have got this about 5 years ago now and it still does the job. A little run under cold water every now and then keeps it in top shape. Not a split in sight! 

5. Strengthen I very rarely use Nail Envy to it's full potential as I am constantly applying and removing nail polish. However, on the rare occasions that I manage to apply it daily the improvement in my nail strength is insane. I may have to do a post on this at some point this year as the difference is truly astounding. The price of this product is quite steep but I find it lasts for ages and is genuinely the only product I have tried that has vastly improved the strength of my nails. Well worth it!

6. On The Go When I'm out and about I find I need to keep my cuticles in particular well nourished. For that I take with me Superdrug's cuticle oil. It comes in a handy pen with a brush applicator. I recently purchased a slightly more expensive oil pen but find this one works better for me. I also apply this sometimes before I take blog pics as it's a quick fix for healthier looking nails. 

How do you take care of your hands and nails in during winter? Do you have any miracle products that we should try?


Monday, 2 March 2015

Greenberry & Gold

Splatter nails. A bit of a dark art and an extremely messy process but if you can get it right the result is gorgeous! I've done splatter nails once before but they were on a test wheel because I just couldn't cope with all that mess on my fingers. I figured that as we've come so far since then, it was time for another go!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nail Care: Tea Bag Nail Patching Technique

teabag nail patching how to tutorial

I have thin, bendy and breakage prone nails. Not ideal for a nail blogger, but I've started looking after my nails a lot better in an attempt to avoid damage. A few weeks ago I noticed a tear on one of my nails, almost half the way down, well into the nail bed and too big to file out. Not only was it going to ruin my nail designs if the tear got any larger but it was also going to hurt a hell of a lot! In desperation I took to Twitter to ask for advice from other bloggers and uncovered a brilliant solution - teabags!
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