Thursday, 26 February 2015

Then and Now: Lilac Aztec

Jo and I love to look back at some of our old designs and see how far we have come. We've done a few Then and Now posts. You can check some out here, here, or here. The thing that always makes me cringe/die inside is the condition of my nails and cuticles. I clearly had no concept of how to care for my hands! The picture below actually makes me feel a bit ill just looking at my dry skin! 

I remember absolutely loving this design when I first created it. I was so proud as it took me ages! When I recreated the look this time around it didn't take me all that long. Last time I used Topshop products: black and white nail art pens and shade Parma Violet. This time I used Barry M's Lap of Honour* as well as their black and white nail pens. I find the Topshop nail pens drag the polish, even when you think it's dry. I love Parma Violet as a base colour and actually think it works better for this mani but unfortunately my bottle has become unworkably gloopy. 
I'm still not 100% happy with this look as the pattern isn't quite centred on my nails - so annoying! Especially on my middle finger. Damn! However, I can still see a vast improvement from my original attempt. By the way, the original was done almost exactly two years ago in case you were wondering. 

What do you think? Much of an improvement?



  1. Very nice Aztec pattern. Love the final result!

  2. It looks amazing! It's really great to see your improvement too. When I look back at old pictures of my nails I cringe too, don't worry! :) I think Parma Violet works so good as a base colour too!


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