Thursday, 12 February 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome

We were very lucky to be sent a few of the new Models Own Colour Chrome collection to test out this week. There are ten polishes in total and we received five. L-R; Pink*, Green*, Cerise*, Rose* and Silver*. The other five are; Indigo, Gold, Mauve, Olive and Blue. We were super excited when the package arrived as it contained our preliminary favourite - Rose! We're totally obsessed with rose gold at the moment so this shade absolutely bowled us over when we saw the first swatches.
Due to timing and light issues I have swatched each colour on one finger to show you what they look like.
Thumb: This is Colour Chrome Green*, although it's a pretty shade of spring green this is probably my least favourite of the bunch, purely as it's a shade I can't really get away with! It also reminds me of a green chrome wrapped Lamborghini I saw in Monaco once, it was hideous and has put me off most chrome green things. I must admit it's a little strange that I don't often get on with green nail polishes as growing up lime green was firmly my favourite colour, even my bedroom walls were painted the luminous shade!
Index: This is Colour Chrome Pink* a really interesting dusty pink shade, verging on purple. It is much paler than Colour Chrome Mauve though so if you're after a deep purple go for that. Due to it's pale shade I found that this polish looked close to silver when viewed on it's own, it's a softer alternative to bright silver if you're looking for something snazzy to brighten up an outfit.
Middle: Ah, Colour Chrome Rose* our early favourite and still firmly in the lead. This colour is stunning. It is a very similar shade to Models Own Champagne polish but the chrome finish gives it a totally different effect. I don't often wear chrome/metallic polish but I couldn't take this off, once I'd finished swatching I applied Rose* to all my nails ready for a night out.
Ring: This is Colour Chrome Cerise* a bright pink shade with far greater colour density than any of the others we tested. We found that the additional pigment caused it to lose a little of the chrome effect, the others had much more silver shining through to reflect the light. However, the rich colour does make this polish stand out and the shade is that perfect deep, rich pink!
Pinky: Lastly we have Colour Chrome Silver*. This polish is a really bright silver shade with very little grey at all. It's a stunning polish and I couldn't stop staring at it, but also found the cold, bright tone a little difficult to wear. It's not one I could see myself applying to all nails, however, it would make a great accent nail polish! When applying Silver* I did find myself wishing that Models Own had included a soft grey, or even gun metal shade in the collection. Who knows, maybe there will be some later additions?
When it comes to formula these polishes were all fairly comparible, and frustratingly all just as difficult to apply. I always find that chrome polishes show every single imperfection in your nail so had a plan to counteract this - two coats of nail smoothing base coat. I let the base coat dry completely before applying the chrome polishes but found that they still dragged the clear polish and left patchy sections. I made the mistake of applying the second coat too soon on the first nail and ended up with a gloopy mess, so started that one again and waited even longer on the rest. Even when the first coat was completely dry the second was tricky to apply and I was left with patches and some thicker sections. I eventually needed three coats for a smooth and opaque finish.
Once the polish was dry and I'd applied a trust coat of Seche the finish was gorgeous, but you do have to have a little patience in order to get there!
Colour Chrome polishes are available in Superdrug stores, online at and in Models Own Bottleshops, RRP £5.
Do you have any of the Colour Chrome polishes? Which one is your favourite?


  1. Rose is definitely my favourite too, such a pretty colour! I also love Cerise, I think it's cool that it's a chrome effect with such a bright colour!

    1. We don't usually get on with chrome polishes but are quite impressed with the range of colours MO have brought out - it's nice to have some brighter shades. E&J.xx

  2. Love the darker pink chrome color.

    1. Seems the Cerise is quite popular. Nice for a girly shade but toughened up a bit with the chrome effect. E&J.xx

  3. Chrome Rose is my favourite too!
    I've just put my swatches up today - - if you fancy a nosy?
    I ended up skipping base coat all together to make it easier to apply xx

    1. Oooo your swatches are amazing! We've heard that MO recommend skipping top and base coat. The base coat helped we think but, yeah, the base coat could be missed! E&J.xx


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