Monday, 9 February 2015

Mario and Peach Nails

princess peach nail art
Jo and I kind of agreed not to do too many Valentine's related nails as we're both a bit sick of the celebration. It's a bit weird us saying that as we are both loved-up individuals but we really hate V Day. Some of the nail art that people create is amazing but there's only so many hearts we can take! 

Saying that, I couldn't help getting a little swept up and created this cute little couple mani. One of the best couples in gaming history - Super Mario and Princess Peach. Growing up with an older brother meant that many of my younger years were spent playing video games as trusty sidekick. Yes, I was lumped with Luigi! 
princess peach nail art
I used a whole array of Barry M's, predominantly from the new Speedy collection. Kiss Me Quick*, Eat My Dust*, and Road Rage* are the plain nails. When I first conceived of the design I knew that I wanted to create a pastel look as I wanted something a little softer for Valentine's Day. 

I know that some of you enjoyed seeing my notebook and how ideas are translated from there to my nails so I thought I'd give you a look at the page for this design. The splodges are from when I'm actually creating the look on my nails; I put a little of the colour on the page and use a brush to apply to my nails. 

As you can see, the original design idea was more complex than what I ended up doing. As I was drawing it with a biro I recognised that a lot of the detail would be lost with my nail art pen. I'm just not that skilled unfortunately! I had also thought of adding hearts to the plain nails and I still think this could look nice but, as I said, we aren't that into hearts for V-Day this year so I steered clear. 
princess peach nail art
I was really happy with how these turned out although my matte top coat did something funny to my black lines. You can see in the pics that they look a bit gappy. Other than that though I just love these nails. I think they're cute enough to pass for Valentine's nails but hopefully don't offend Jo too much by being all hearts and flowers. 

How do you guys feel about Valentine's Day? Do you have any designs that may convert us to lovers this year? 


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