Friday, 6 February 2015

¡Hola Chica!

I saw these awesome H&M pumps on LOOK Magazine's Twitter feed last week and 1. knew I had to had them, 2. knew I had to create some nail art based on them! I love flats as I seriously can't walk in heels (those who saw me almost fall over whilst trying to bowl in heeled boots at the Barry M SS15 launch event last week will vouch for that!) I've got a slightly odd collection including a pair with cute little glittery mice ears on them. These would fit in perfectly!
I'll admit they are a bit summery, but you've probably already noticed that we're well and truly over winter. Strangely neither Emma or I go for darker tones in our designs very often. It's always summer at Dahlia Nails!!

I used all Barry M polishes for this mani, starting with two coats of Matt White. I then drew the cactus shapes on using their black nail art pen. Once these were dry I used the white pen to fill in the shapes leaving a thin black outline. I added Spring Green on top the white inside the cacti using a small brush. Finally I used the same brush to add tiny spines on the catci, completing the background. I was nervous to add on the lettering as I loved the background as it was, and actually wish I'd taken a photo of this stage to share with you. I plucked up the courage to add bright pink lettering using Barry M's pink nail art pen. The formula of this pen is great as it's thin and easy to use but really opaque so I knew it would cover the background evenly. My lettering is not the sharpest, I probably should have neatened up the corners with a small brush but oh well!

I love using the Barry M Matte Top Coat* for photographing nail art as it absorbs all the glare from the bright lights we have to use. Strangely though I never really wear matte top coat out of the house. It never seems to be quite as hardwearing so I inevitably end up smudging!
We love that all the beauty and fashion brands are releasing their SS15 collections, we've already started our wish lists! Have you spotted anything irresistible yet?


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