Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Going Dotty with Models Own Diamond Luxe

We were lucky enough to receive a little Models Own parcel recently including some of their newer polishes. Nestled between the Colour Chromes which we swatched here were two from the Diamond Luxe collection. As a self-proclaimed Models Own fanatic I am ashamed to admit that I hadn't tried any from this range before now, so I was particularly intrigued. The opulent Diamond Luxe polishes contain real diamond dust to deliver a 'completely unique, multi-dimensional, super-sparkly finish', according to Models Own, so I had some high expectations.

I wanted to show off both the polishes so chose to create a clashing fade with Radiant Pink* and Carat Coral*, the two shades actually blended much better than I thought they would. I was expecting these polishes to be very blingy but the diamond sparkle is actually pleasantly subtle. The rich colours go perfectly with the hints of diamond dust which catch the light as you move making your mani seem a touch more radient! The overall effect is completely different to a glitter or metallic polish.
Choosing a fade was a bad idea as the clean up of this polish was a nightmare, especially as Carat Coral* has a high colour density. On that note, the colour density varied greatly between the two polishes, unfortunately Radient Pink* needed a few extra layers which messed up my gradient a little. The shade is gorgeous but just applies more thinly than Carat Coral*. Apologies that the photo above is such a mess but I wanted to show the polish finish with gloss topcoat and no nail art. The camera didn't pick up the diamond flecks too well as they are much more noticable when you're moving!

I added quite large dots onto the gradient using a medium sized dotting tool. The design on top brought the mani together well and hid any imperfections with the gradient (oops - need more practice!) For some reason to overall look reminded me of Disney - no idea why! I'd already tested the polish with a glossy finish so thought I'd top the nail art with a matte coat to see how that worked. The diamond dust isn't quite as shiny under a matte top coat but the pieces still shine through and catch the light beautifully. I found this polish to be versatile enough to work with whichever top coat takes your fancy.  
There are 10 polishes in the Diamond Luxe range and the shades vary significantly, but these two remind me of summer. The colours are so warm and rich they just make me want to sit by a pool with a cocktail in my hand! I'm surprised as I had this collection pegged as a winter range and hadn't even thought of the summery possibilities it might hold!
Do you have any Diamond Luxe polishes? If so, which is your favourite shade?


  1. I love your bright gradient!! I hadn't actually heard of these polishes with diamond dust in them but I look the look of it! The bottles also look really luxurious :)

    1. The different bottles are a really nice touch. We hadn't initially liked the look of the range but when we tried them it was a different story! E&J.xx


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