Saturday, 7 February 2015

Down Town Fade

I had plans today to be super productive and create loads of designs for the coming weeks but I suffered an annoying tear in my middle finger nail this morning which has taken a bit of time to file out. Stupid weak nails! Anyway, onto the background to this design. I completely blame Sarah from Pardon My Nails for being £25 worse off this month. She wrote a great post about the WAH nail kit which was on offer in Boots down from £85 to £25. Her post had me sold on the kit and I ordered it straight away. 

I am so glad that Sarah shared her bargain as I am so happy with the kit. It comes in a cool case with 8 polishes (7 colours, one clear), 4 nail art pens, a cuticle pusher, gem tool, nail scissors, clean up brush, two pots of gems, a file, a buffer, and 3 tutorials. The quality is great and slight unexpected. I mean I have always loved WAH and know they know their nail art but I wasn't expecting the tools and polishes to be quite so well made. The only thing I was slightly disappointed by was the tutorials. You get Down Town, Modern French, and Big Leopard. All are designs that I have seen before. 

To create this look I used two of the polishes: No Nails, No Life (Pink), and Love My Team(Red). Like I said, the quality was really good. The application of the pink was easy, drying time was quick, and polish was opaque in three thin coats. On top of the pink base I sponges the red to create a fade. I then used a coat of Seche to help things dry before drawing the Down Town design. 

Now I have a confession to make regarding the design. I didn't use the white WAH pen, I used my Barry M one *shocked face*. I just find it incredibly difficult to use the metal-nibbed nail pens, my lines come out all shaky. I have seen incredible designs created using this sort of pen so I clearly just need to practise but for now I am sticking with my trusty Barry M one. 

I topped everything off with another coat of Seche. The clean up was easy with the WAH brush but, as with all red polishes, there was a little residue that seemed impossible to get off no matter how much remover I applied. This will teach me to put something on my nails beforehand to peel off so as to minimise clean up (I've heard PVA glue works a treat). 

I have done this design before and am always pleased with how it turns out. I'm glad I teamed with a fade this time to add a bit of a different dimension. This could also be worn as a not too Valentines-y Valentine's Day mani. 

Do any of you have the WAH Nail Kit? What are your thoughts?


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