Monday, 2 February 2015

Barry M: SS15 Gellys

Barry M SS15 Gellys
L-R: Sky Blue, Cotton, Fondant
Plumpy Top Coat

Along with the brand new Speedy Nail Paint collection which Emma swatched for you here, Barry M also unveiled three new SS15 Gelly shades and a top coat last week. We're feeling very spoiled for choice with all the gorgeous new spring pastels!

The trio of new Gellys include a bright white named Cotton*, a pale blue called Sky Blue* and a soft purple titled Fondant*. I have swatched and reviewed all three for you below. Apologies in advance for my more nubby than normal nails, I had a bit of a filing disaster this week and am now unpatiently waiting for them to grow out!

Barry M Cotton

First up is Cotton*. The formula is thick with a dense colour, which is great as you get an opaque covering in only two coats (unusual for white polishes). However, the thickness of the formula made it the most difficult of the three to apply. It's not a problem if you get it spot on first time, but if you need to make any corrections you may find it a bit tricky. Having said that, for a white that is this dense in colour I think I'm happy to make that trade off! This may be my new favourite white polish...

Barry M Fondant

Next is Fondant*. This colour is fairly similar to existing Barry M polishes Berry Ice Cream and Prickly Pear so I wasn't massively excited by it at first. However, the formula is great! It's a little runnier than most Gelly polishes, but without losing any colour density. For example, Berry Ice Cream would need three coats to get the same coverage. I found the polish easy to apply and only needed two coats for this swatch.

Barry M Sky Blue

Lastly we have Sky Blue*. This is a gorgeous pale blue shade with the very slightest hint of mint. I initially thought it looked similar to previous Barry M polishes but on closer inspection there's nothing quite like it. Imagine mixing Huckleberry and Sugar Apple and intensifying the pigment and this is what you'd get. The formula of this polish is strange, it's very thin for a Gelly. I was really surprised at how sheer it was when I applied the first coat. As I was swatching and would be taking the polish off fairly soon I applied a thick second coat to achieve an opaque finish. However, I would recommend using three thin coats if you don't want to wait forever for this polish to dry! I've been looking for a slightly more 'grown up' pale blue and I think this could be it!!

I used a liberal application of the new Plumpy Top Coat* for all these swatches. It's designed to give your nails a 'plumped up gel finish' and make any polish look thicker. The first thing I love about this top coat is that it's got one of Barry M's new flat and rounded brushes, making it super easy to apply! It's not especially fast drying so I wouldn't put it on just before bed, but it is touch dry fairly swiftly so you won't be flapping your fingers around for too long. I wore this on top of one of the Speedy Nail Paints for a few days earlier this week and was impressed by how hard wearing it was, I usually wear Seche so it had big boots to fill! In order to achieve the 3D look that it's designed for you need to use a thick coat of it, but the combination of a good formula and the new brush make that easy to achieve.

Although the new Gellys aren't the most original shades we've seen we think they're a great addition to the range and will definitely be in our collection of go-to polishes this spring!

All four polishes will be available in Superdrug from 11th February and Boots from 18th February. Fondant*, Cotton* and Sky Blue* will be £3.99 each and Plumpy Top Coat* will be £2.99 but look out for special offers!!



  1. All three colours look great on you! Which one do you like the most? xx

    1. Ahh that's so tough, there's not much between them but I think I have to say Sky Blue! J x

  2. The plumpy top coat sounds lovely! And you're nails look cute this way ^_^

  3. I love these nails! I included them in a post I just wrote about white statement nails. Here's the link if you want to see it:


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