Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Barry M Pastel Hearts

Barry M Pastel Hearts Nail Art

Seeing as we deprived you of hearts over the Valentine's period I thought I'd create some for you now. This design is a real quick and easy one, all you need is a couple of pastel polishes and a white nail art pen. I chose Barry M's Lap Of Honour* and Eat My Dust* along with their white nail art pen. 

Barry M Pastel Hearts Nail Art

I painted two coats of colour on each nail and waited plenty of time for it to dry. These Barry M polishes are fast dry so I didn't have to wait too long, but it's always worth giving it more time than you think as you don't want to end up messing it all up and having to start again! I used Barry M's white nail art pen to simply draw on the hearts, choosing to do one large heart nail and one small hearts patterned nail. The hearts are really easy to draw and I made sure that the polish colour was different for each nail with art on to give the accents a more interesting look. 

Barry M Pastel Hearts Nail Art

Pastel polishes with simple white nail art is a really cute look and totally wearable. I even kept this design on for work! I chose only two accent nails but you could cover every nail if you want a design which will stand out a little more.

I love the mix of colours too, purple and blue is a bit of a fave but you can mix any two pastels you like. Pink and yellow is another one I like but it is a bit brighter and perhaps not so work friendly!!

What's your favourite pastel colour combo?



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