Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Autobots, Roll Out!

Transformers Nail Art

Transformers nails have been on my to-do list for a while. I've always been nervous about trying them as I was worried they would come out totally unrecognisable and all the images I looked up seemed really complicated. Eventually I decided to go for a simple monochrome style with just the two logos.
The logo on the left depicts the Autobots (the good guys) and the one on the left is the Decepticons (the baddies)! If you haven't seen any of the Transformers films this may not mean a thing to you! The early films are pretty good but they've started to drag the franchise out a bit now. My boyfriend loves Transformers so this post is dedicated to him!

Transformers Nail Art

Transformers Nail Art

I used a dark grey polish with flecks of tiny glitter pieces in order to replicate the metal look of the Transformers. It came out much darker in the photos though which my brother says makes them look like Storm Troopers!
The polish is Essie - Cashmere Bathrobe* which was sent to us by the lovely people over at Coloristiq. It's an absolutely stunning polish, we swatched it here. The white base coat on the accent nails is Barry M - Matt White - it's not the most opaque but I knew it would dry quickly and mostly be covered by the design anyway! I used a white nail art pen to draw on templates of the design then applied the grey polish using a tiny brush.
On close inspection they're not super neat, and the Autobot looks like he's had a few too many pies, but they turned out better than I was expecting!!


  1. These are fantastic! I might have to replicate them at some point!

  2. Great design! I love Cashmere Bathrobe!

  3. Love the design! The transformers have been so neatly drawn! :)


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