Thursday, 5 February 2015

Alien Attack!

cute nail art
ASOS X We Are Hairy People

Inspiration for this mani came from a skirt/top combo I saw in the ASOS magazine that dropped on my doormat recently. I've been trying to think of cute alien nails for a while so when I knew I was going to have to replicate on my nails. I'm not sure I'd wear a full alien skirt and top combo - I'm really not cool enough to pull that off - but I could go for this mani and an all black ensemble. I reckon that could look just as cool but not quite so in your face. 

Here's a little look at my notebook where I hoard pics from magazines, the internet, postcards, everywhere! This is how my idea starts and then I usually end up recreating nothing like it! 
cute nail art
cute nail art
I used a range of Barry M's for this look: Cotton*, Huckleberry*, Pure Turquoise, and Coral. Jo swatched Cotton* for you the other day as it's the new white from the SS15 Gellies. She mentioned it being a tad tricky to apply but I found it OK for this mani. I did miraculously manage to apply perfectly(ish) in one swoop so didn't have much cleaning up or messing about to do. 

I used my trusty black nail art pen to draw the aliens and a fine brush to paint the blue and coral colours. A sweep of Seche over the top and I was good to go! 

This is such a fun look. Not one for my office, unfortunately, but definitely one that I'll be wearing at the weekends. 

Let us know what you think in the comments. 



  1. This is super cute design! I love the nail idea book too, the colours work really well together!

    1. Thanks Rachel. The book really helps us note ideas as and when we get them. We're useless at remembering ideas half the time! E&J.xx


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