Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Zoella: Just Say... YES

A little while ago Emma created a mani inspired by a Zoella Beauty make up bag - Guinea In Glasses. It was so cute and made me jealous, so when I saw a new (to me) make up bag design in the range, I just had to do my own version! The whole range is covered in dots, which you know we love, and the 'Just Say Yes' beauty bag is no exception. A pale pink bag with gold polka dots and a simple black slogan - perfect to turn into nail art!

I adapted the colourings a bit to better suit my skin tone, using a darker pink and more dense polka dots. The pink I used is Barry M - Ballerina* from their Autumn/Winter range, and the gold is Barry M - Gold Foil Effects. I used two coats of Ballerina* and a medium sized dotting tool to apply the gold spots. Instead of using the whole slogan, I picked out just the word YES to use as an accent nail. I painted it on using a small brush and black polish.

I love how this mani turned out, the gold and dusty pink colour combo is so cute! Also, the 'Just Say Yes' message is full of positivity and reminds us to always try new things and say yes to new ideas. We love the Zoella Beauty range so expect to see more nails inspired by the retro styles!

You can find the whole range at Superdrug in store or online here

Are you guys Zoella fans?


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