Thursday, 29 January 2015

Throwback Thursday - Emma's Neon Triangles

We recently realised that we spend all our time racking our brains for brand new designs daily, when we have tons of inspiration sitting right in front of our noses - each other! We've done posts inspired by each other before, but are hoping to make it a bit more of a regular feature, if you're cool with that? 

Today I chose too recreate Emma's 'Neon Triangles' as I absolutely love the design - geometric and 80's err hell yeah! To mix it up a bit I changed the colour scheme and added a hint of glitter. I used a group of Models Own polishes - Coconut, Pink Fizz, Misty Grey and Shades. The cream base is two coats of Coconut. I used a small brush to add triangles of Misty Grey, Shades and Pink Fizz, in a random pattern. Finally I outlined the triangles and added dots and lines in between using a small brush. Instead of Emma's glossy finish I went for a matte top coat as I was photographing the design in my light box and didn't want to get too much glare. 

Although I used neon pink in this design I think the soft tones make it work even in winter time. The grey shade makes it a little cooler and the glitter adds a touch of seasonal sparkle! The only thing I changed in this design is the colours but it looks so completely different to the original, which shows how much small changes can do. We'll have to revisit more of our designs with different colours to see how they turn out!

It was so much fun to recreate Emma's design, although it took me forever to find one that I could even dare to attempt. Hopefully if I keep trying Emma's designs I'll improve my skills and eventually pluck up the courage to try some of her mentally creative manis!! 


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  1. I love it!! It's a great idea to use each other's designs as inspiration, I'd love to see more of that :) I also love how you changed the colours, yours is so perfect and cosy for winter while Emma's is so cheerful for summer!


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