Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Little Busy Bee

Animal Nail Art
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before on the blog but my middle name is Bee. Yup. Bee. Not Bea as in Beatrice just plain old, 'as in buzzing' Bee. A weird choice I know but, hey, who knows what my parents were thinking! I do love having something a bit different about my name and Bee is quite cute I guess. One issue is I end up buying nearly everything with a bee on it! 

Anyway! I thought it was about time I included a bee in some nail art. Jo has done bee nails before which I loved so I chose to do something different. This is actually a design that I have seen before but I'm afraid I don't know where it originated . Hopefully I'v e done it  justice!Animal Nail Art
Animal Nail Art
The bottom shot doesn't really show much of a design but you can see the polishes I used: Models Own's Aqua (discontinued I'm afraid as it's from their Pro range), and Rimmel's Cute As A Kitten Heel*. I also used my black and white Barry M nail art pens. 

This mani was super easy to create. I used Aqua as the base colour on all of my nails. I then used a coat of seche as I can't wait for the base to dry! Then I used my white nail art pen to draw the bee on my thumb nail. Once that had dried a bit I painted the bee in yellow leaving two white circles for the wings. Once this was dry I went to town with my black pen outline, drawing stripes, and marking the rest of my nails with the dotted line. Let me know if you need a tutorial to visualise. 

Do you have any interesting names or nicknames?


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