Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Prim 'n' Proper Pastels & Pearls

I was so excited to get a light box for Christmas as I have really been struggling to create designs in the day time. This is my first attempt at using it so please excuse me if the pics look a bit weird. I found the light OK but I haven't got the lights set up quite right I don't think. Also, when it came to editing the pics the noise levels were insane. It doesn't look quite as bad now but the image isn't as sharp as I would like. Hopefully it will just take a bit of practise. 
I'm not sure what's come over me all of a sudden but my designs are coming out a bit ladylike! My last design was the muted florals and now this! I used an array of H&M polishes to create this look: Desert (thumb), Baby Blue (index), Pink Skies (middle), On Ice (ring), and Misty Lilac (pinkie). I used to love H&M polishes but it always annoyed me that they had a gazillion different ranges and bottles. Jo was never a hug fan and I understand a bit more now as some of these were hard to apply (Pink Skies and On Ice I'm talking to you). I like the colours though so can forgive the formula for a short-wear design. 

I hope you're enjoying the New Year so far. I am trying to think of some new and exciting designs for you but already struggling to find time to do them! 


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