Saturday, 31 January 2015

Love Models Own

During Models Own's Superdrug Instagram takeover on Friday they announced a massive TEN new HyperGel shades for Spring/Summer (along with a pastel range called Icings!) The new colours are not your typical group of spring tones, but a mix of shades including everything from dusty nudes to toxic greens. We can't wait to get our hands on them!
The new shades inspired me to get out a couple of my faves from the original range - Cornflower Gleam and Lilac Sheen. I teamed them with Misty Grey from the standard collection.
Today's design was inspired by my persistant doodling habit, something which does through up the odd decent nail idea. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to recreate my graffiti-esque design in minature but was feeling creative so gave it a go! Although there are aspects of the design I really like I don't think I particularly nailed it.
Things I like:
  • The fade inside 'LOVE' - I used Cornflower Gleam which fades into Lilac Sheen and then into white. I mixxed the colours a little to get an even fade and I adore the way the shades work together.
  • The stars and accents inside the lettering - I was nervous to add these as I didn't want to ruin it but I like the way they make it pop out a little more.
Things I don't like:
  • Misty Grey is one of my favourite Models Own shades, but I just don't think it works here. The colours in the graffiti are too similar so don't pop out against the grey base. Also, combined with the white lights I feel like the shade just drains all the colour from the image - seriously, what is going on with my skin tone!?
  • The additional markings around the word love looked great in my doodle but not so much on my nail. They just look messy.

We usually find that we're our own biggest critics and often designs that one of us is disappointed with the other one loves. We fully accept that, although it's frustrating, not every design is going to come out quite how we want it to. We use these 'nail fails' to help us improve and don't let them bother us too much!
I could improve this mani by using more stand out colours (perhaps that super bright green in the new HyperGel range would be perfect!) and maybe adding some design to the surrounding nails.
Are you lusting over any of the new Models Own polishes? They'll be out in Superdrug on 11th Feburary (apparently a popular date for new nail varnish releases!)

P.S. Happy Birthday Mum!!

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  1. That duck egg blue and the purple next to it look amazing! I'm definitely getting them two!

    I love the nails and how you have done be gradient inside the lettering - very creative!


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