Monday, 12 January 2015

I Found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill

This is another mani that was inspired by a print I found on Pinterest. I loved the peach background with the subtle blueberries so it was only a matter of time before it ended up on my nails. Last year I got a bit obsessed with fruity manis but I haven't done one in a while what with it being winter and all. This has perked me up no end! 
For my orangey base I used Barry M's Peach Melba. It's a shade that I love to wear in summer but have no real use for at this time of year so I'm happy I've got to use it so early in 2015. It does look a little summery but I think the blueberries help keep it from being too in your face. 
For the blueberries I used Barry M's aptly named Blueberry, and Blackberry. For the leaves I used a white nail art pen with hints of Barry M's Sugar Apple*. 

I was really please with how this mani turned out. I definitely think I will revisit in summer when I can wear with a cute outfit when I will (hopefully) have reached my target weight. So excited for the warmer months now and all the crazy fun nail art we are going to create! 




  1. Love this mani! Especially love how you've managed to use summer colours in winter without it looking too in your face!
    Olivia x

    1. Thanks Olivia! It is quite summery but we felt it could work for this time of year - glad you think so too! E&J.xx

  2. Really cute! It's a subtle design I feel, like you say not too "in your face summer" but it's still very cheerful!

    1. We need a bit of cheerful to get through all this rain! Can't wait for our full-on summer designs again this year. E&J.xx


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