Monday, 5 January 2015

Hot Dog & Fries

Mmm food! It's not hard to guess what the inspiration for today's design is! It's that time of the year that everyone seems to be starting diets, and at our household the healthy eating break has come to an end. We're actually quite thankful as two weeks of stuffing ourselves with chocolate has made us feel horrendous (it was totally worth it!) All the talk of food made me want to create some junk food nails, I also had hot dogs stuck in my mind after a recent Ikea trip, although I stayed strong and avoided them!

I used mostly Barry M's for this junk food design, Gold Foil, Blood Orange, Caramel*, Mushroom and one Maybelline polish, Electric Yellow. I also used a Barry M nail art pen for the outlining. I used Barry M's Matte Top Coat* to finish off the design but annoyingly it smudged the hot dog a little, grr. The chip packet looks a bit strange without those infamous golden arches, but I didn't want to brand our mini snacks. 

Definitely not a mani to wear to work, but really fun to create and something different to wear for a while! I have to admit, they did make me feel a bit hungrier than usual!


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