Friday, 2 January 2015

Frosty Princess

All this frost around lately is nuts, I left my house last week and the ground was shimmering! Obvs that inspired me to create some frosty looking nails. I've seen a few around on Instagram recently but all using blue and silver polishes. I thought I'd mix it up and go for a nudey pink frosted look instead.
Both polishes are from Barry M, Ballerina* from their A/W collection and Princess* from last year's Royal Textured Glitter collection. Ballerina* has quickly become one of my go-to shades, it's a perfect dusty pink which is close to nude but doesn't leave you with 'mannequin hands' as my boyfriend kindly puts it! Princess* is a super sparkly fine glitter polish, slightly lighter than my recent fave Pink Fizz by Models Own, it matches Ballerina* perfectly. Also, the fine glitter pieces make it great for a more subtle (aka frosty!) glitter fade.

I started this mani with two thin coats of Ballerina* and let it dry completely. I then added dabs of Princess* around the base of each nail. I dried off the polish brush and used it to pull the glitter polish across each nail. To achieve the gradient/fade effect I then added further layers of glitter, but covered less of the nail with each subsequent coat. Finally, to complete the frosty look I added Barry M's Matte Top Coat*. The glitter shines through but but the matte takes the edge off so you get a gorgeous soft sparkle, just like frost!

If you're looking for frosty nails this winter it's simple, a bit of fine glitter finished off with a matte topcoat and you're done! I think a matte top coat makes glitter nails so much more wearable and gives more 'grown up' look and feel.


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