Friday, 23 January 2015

Feeling Dotty!

A simple dotticure can go a long way! We love a good dotty mani as they're so versatile and fun to create. Dots can be a simple filler pattern in a complex mani or the main act on their own. Somehow whatever you do they always look different as there's so much you can vary - colours, dot size, uniformity, spacing and of course, top coat. 

Today's design started with a base of Barry M - Huckleberry*. I wanted varying dot sizes but in an even pattern, so I applied a quick template of white dots using a nail art pen. I then picked out a couple of dotting tools of varying sizes and selected a trio of polishes - Bikini*, Cancun* and Chai* all by Barry M. I find it easiest to dab a blob of each polish on my plastic mat and dip the dotting tool into them. You have to work quickly before the polish dries but it's way easier than dipping it into the bottle (trust me, I learnt this the hard way, and Emma laughed at me!) 

Simple, quick, adaptable and fun to create - dotticures are a nail art staple and always will be! 

What's your favourite dotticure colour theme?


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