Saturday, 3 January 2015

Drippy Neopolitan

I felt like doing a slightly wacky nail design today and had drips stuck in my head. I've done drippy nails a few times so wanted to mix it up a bit. I chose to do a double drip and based the colour scheme on Neapolitan ice cream! They didn't come out quite the way I'd expected but were fun to create and look totally nuts, so mission accomplished I suppose.

I started with a white base coat and then picked out a Barry M trio for the ice cream flavours. Funnily enough two of them came from their Ice Cream collection! The pink is Strawberry Ice Cream, yellow is Lemon Ice Cream, and sticking with the food theme at least, the brown is Mushroom. All of these are oldies but goodies and were annoying to use as I've had them so long they've gone all gloopy. Think I need to do a bit of a polish refresh!! Once I'd painted on all the drips I outlined them with a black nail art pen. 

These nails remind me of summer, I know we're still in the middle of winter, but I can't wait for summer nails again!!

Which is your favourite flavour from the Neapolitan trio?


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