Sunday, 25 January 2015

Disco Diva Striped Glitter Fade

I'm so cross! This design looked absolutely gorgeous in real life but the photos came out horrendously. It doesn't help that I have now broken both my daylight bulbs and am using regular bulbs with my lightbox, the colour just doesn't work! Ahh!

Ok, rant over, these were inspired by @lookatmynailart on Instagram who created a gorgeous pink striped glitter fade combo. I also picked out pink so I could use Rimmel's Disco Diva* glitter, but chose to use muted tones. The pink I've used it Rimmel - Lose Your Lingerie* but I found that it's just too pale for the contrast to be picked up by my camera. The white is also Rimmel, called White Hot Love*. As I mentioned, in real life the contrast was clear and the dusty pink glitter complimented the pink and white stripes perfectly - you'll just have to take my word on it!

Sorry about our ongoing lighting problems, we can't wait for more daylight hours so we can take photos in natural light again!!


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