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Barry M: Speedy Nail Paint Swatches

We were so excited to be invited to our first Barry M PR event this week! Luckily for us it was based in London so we didn't have to travel too far to get there (two tube stops to be precise!) Unfortunately Emma got stuck at work so I attended the event solo. It was awesome to be one of the first to see the new SS15 polishes but even better to meet some of our fellow nail/beauty bloggers! It's always tempting for us all to hide behind our blogs and virtual profiles so it's fascinating to meet everyone and have real life conversations.
We had the pleasure of meeting Lauren (The Naily Mail), Madison (Fundamentally Flawless), Hannah (Polly Polish), Kerry (Shertbert London), Metta (Nails By Mets), Vicky (The Polish List) and also got to catch up with Allie (Brit Nails). We also got to chat to the lovely Barry M Ladies Beth, Caroline and Lorraine - these are the ones who send us out polishes to test so as you can imagine they're pretty high up our list of favourite people!
I quickly delivered Emma's goodie bag (cue plenty of squealing!), and convinced her to spend her day off swatching one of the new ranges for you!
Emma, over to you...

Stop The Clock
Stop The Clock* is a beautifully subtle yellow shade that will be so pretty in summer. I found this polish really hard to apply. It tended to be a bit streaky which is a problem I find with all pastel yellows. The quick-dry formula made this problem worse as I tried to spread and go over but it just started glooping. The colour is so pretty though that the application wouldn't put me off wearing it! This pic is three coats and a top coat (hence why they look a bit plump). 

Pit Stop
Pit Stop* is one of my favourite shades from the collection as it is great for everyday wear. The colour is grey with a hint of lilac, It definitely looks more grey in the bottle than on the nails. The formula was much better than the yellow and two coats were enough for an even coverage. Beautiful! 

Road Rage
Road Rage* is another of my faves from the range. I can't resist a beautiful mint and this is certainly that. Again the formula was much better and I found application easy. This is going to be another great shade for the summer months.

Kiss Me Quick
I'm afraid that this photograph really doesn't do Kiss Me Quick* justice, It's actually a very pretty bubblegum pink that is much brighter than it appears here. I'm hoping one of our blogging pals is able to capture this in better light for you.Sorry!

Eat My Dust
Eat My Dust* is a lovely blue/grey. The formula was good and I found it applied easily. I can see this shade being popular as it has that 'in' gray tint that makes it stand out from the other baby blues around. 

Pole Position
Pole Position* is another green tint but less minty than Road Rage* and a bit more leafy. Does that make sense?! I love it because it's different to anything I have in my collection and I can already see that I will be using it for my floral manis in the spring/summer. 

Full Throttle
Full Throttle* is a bright pastel orange shade that really brings out the collection. It's verging on a neon pastel as it is really striking. I love the colour but it doesn't look quite right on my pale hands. I guess I better get to the beach! 

In A Heart Beat
In A Heart Beat* is maybe probably my favourite shade in the collection. It is a gorgeous pink with a hint of coral. I absolutely adore it! Watch this space for many-a-mani-to-come using this shade. 

Lap Of Honour
Lap of Honour* is a gorgeous lilac shade which applied better than any of the other colours. The polish was a tad thinner than the rest which made it easier to spread. This is two coats. I love the colour (am still wearing it now which is almost unheard of!) but I don't feel like it's a particularly distinctive shade as I have several similar in my collection. 

Phew! That seemed like a really long post. We hope you weren't too bored!

Overall we were super excited with this range, mostly because we are pastel fiends but also because it's nice to see Barry M expanding their selection of finishes. In terms of the quick dry element of the polish we can testify that they dry a lot quicker than their usual ranges but as nail artists this isn't something we necessarily look for as it means the stringy quality starts a lot sooner. Barry M are also trialing a new flat brush with a rounded edge for this range. We love this type of brush as it makes painting your nails so much quicker and easier! If the feedback is good they will try to use this brush for all new ranges so make sure to let us know what you think!

The collection will be available at Superdrug from 11th Feb and Boots from 18th Feb RRP £3.99 each.

What do you guys think of the new Speedy range? Will you be buying any?

Love & Hugs



  1. Haha, your favourites are mine too! I love In A Heart Beat a lot, that is such a cute shade!

    1. It's so pretty! It wasn't one of the stand outs for us at first but when we put it on it became a fave! E&J.xx

  2. Amazing post girls, I love these polishes and if I didn't have them already you would have sold me on them x

    1. Thanks Vicky! We can't resist a good pastel collection! E&J.xx

  3. Beautiful swatches! I still don't have a favourite but I'm not keen on Full Throttle - I think I'm too pale for it! x

    1. We thought the same thing. Actually really liked it in the bottle, it's nice to get an orange in a pastel range but it looked odd on. Would look great on really dark skin. E&J.xx

  4. Love the look of Pit Stop!! Definitely want to try some of these!

    Sam xx |

    1. Pit Stop is beautiful. We think it might become one of our new all time fave colours. E&J.xx

  5. Oh my gosh I love 'em all! They're all so unique, especially Pit Stop and Eat My Dust!

  6. Nice colours!


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