Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Rimmel: Glitter Bomb

Recently Rimmel sent us an awesome little package of new polishes. Emma swatched the Velvet Matte Collection for you here, and today I've got the Glitter Bomb top coats to show off! I paired each polish with a coloured base as they're designed to be used as polish toppers. I tried to choose colours that would show off the glitters as well as possible but you can pair them with whichever shades you like!

Disco Diva

First up is Disco Diva* glitter paired with a base of Lose Your Lingerie*. This is one of my favourite from the collection. It's a good mix of large pale pink hexes and tiny glitter pieces. The small glitter pieces fill the gaps between the larger meaning this polish applies well and doesn't need too much placement or manipulation. This swatch is two coats. I can't get enough of the almost rose gold shade of this glitter topper it's stunning!

Midnight Mistletoe

You've seen Midnight Mistletoe* on this blog before (here) as we couldn't wait to show it off. For the swatches we used Mars* as a base. This glitter topper is like Christmas in a polish bottle, I almost expected little singing elves to jump out when I opened it. If you like a festive mani you have to get this! There is a dense mix of red and green glitter, with a couple of sizes of each colour. The glitter applies well and the swatch is two coats. It's not too gloopy and doesn't require too much placement as the glitter is fairly dense. 

Disco Fever

The most unique polish in the collection is Disco Fever*, the only one which has just one size and colour of glitter. The square pieces are holo silver and look absolutely amazing in the bottle. However, this was the most difficult polish to use out of the lot. The glitter pieces are fairly sparse so you need to do some placement in order to get good coverage and avoid loading your nails with polish. For the swatch we paired it with Moon*, a dark grey base, but this glitter topper would go well with almost anything!


Next up with have Bedazzle* which is similar to Midnight Mistletoe* and Disco Diva* but with blue and purple glitter pieces. There's a mix of small and medium sized glitter pieces making it easy to apply with good coverage. I paired it with one of my fave Rimmels, Mind the Gap, Victoria, but it was hard to choose. I think this would be lovely with a pastel purple base too, or whatever you fancy!

Bling Thing

Last but not least, another of my favourites from the collection, is Bling Thing*. This is similar to Bedazzle* but with gold glitter and the addition of stars. Yep, stars! Amazing. They're pretty hard to spot in my photo but there are silver stars hidden away in this polish that look awesome nestled in among the gold glitter. I teamed this with Peppermint* to provide a little contrast and am in love with how well the mint and gold go together. 

In summary, we love the Glitter Bomb Top Coat collection, they are spot on for this time of year and will come in very handy during party season! Glitter toppers are great to add some sparkle to your favourite polish, or splash on top of your sensible office mani just before the Christmas party! Instant awesome nails. 

The Glitter Bomb range is available across the UK, RRP £3.99 each



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