Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Models Own Girly Party Nails!

Pink Fizz by Models Own is my absolute favourite glitter at the moment. It's a dusty pink glitter verging on rose gold (which is everywhere at the moment!) and it's name reminds us of pink champagne, what more could you ask for?! I've been dying to use it as we approach Christmas so encorporated it into a fun pink mani for you.
I started with alternating bases of pale pink Utopia and neon Sun Hat, both by Models Own. I then added a glitter fade with Pink Fizz on top of the Utopia nails. I couldn't decide what to add to the Sun Hat base and in the end went for simple polka dots. The mani turned out a little different to what I was anticipating, it's a strange mix of party and cute, which somehow works! You often find that 'party nails' are dark colours, especially at this time of the year, but we think brights and pastels are just as pretty and you'll stand out even more!

I'm having a total nightmare with my lightbox at the moment so apologies that these photos are not up to our usual standards. We can't wait for summer to come back so there's more natural light to take advantage of!!

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  1. Love this! Have you tried the technic nail varnishes that are 99p from bodycare? They have an identical shade to pink fizz but with bigger pieces, so if anyone wants a cheaper version or they just want ALL the dusty rosy glitter, you know where to head! :)


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