Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cute Gingerbread Men

Watching the new Waitrose advert where the girl makes gingerbread for the first time got both me and my boyfriend in the mood for sweet treat. He did what he does best - cooking - and I did what I do - my nails!  
I used Barry M's Blood Orange as a base for this mani. It's my favourite red as it has a very classic tone; it's bright red without being trashy and it's super shiny. 
On top of Blood Orange I used a heap of other polishes from the Gelly range. If you want the details, let me know. I outlined my gingerbread men with my black nail art pen and added some details with my white nail art pen. Interspersed between my little men I used some diamantes. 

I love this design for Christmas. Gingerbread is always a winner at this time of year. Remember Jo's amazing mani from last year



  1. So cute!
    I love your manicures

    1. Thanks Pia! We're glad you like our work. E&J.xx

  2. Ah these are so so cute!! I love them Emma!

  3. The color choice you made is perfect for this theme, and the gingerbread's came out perfect!

    1. Aw I'm not sure if the gingerbread men came out perfect but the colour choice was pretty good! Emma.x


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