Saturday, 13 December 2014


Tonight is my work Christmas ball so I am trying out a few ideas to go with my black dress. I could wear anything on my nails I suppose but I want something a little bit festive. My first thought was a glitter gradient and my mind jumped to Rimmel's Glitter Bomb range that Jo swatched for you here.
The base colour here is Rimmel's Little Bo Peep which is a gorgeous pale grey that we have used in multiple manis. I used a combo of Bedazzle* and Disco Fever* to create the glitter gradient. The reason for using Disco Fever* as well was that I felt the look would benefit from a bit of silver. 

A glitter gradient is such a simple way to update your mani for the Party Season. What are your favourite colour/glitter combos?

I'll let you know what I eventually decide on for the party and take some pics of the night. 



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