Monday, 15 December 2014

A Christmas Pud

Continuing on with our Christmas nails extravaganza I've created some mini Christmas puddings today! I keep seeing similar designs on Instagram and they're just too cute! I'm not even a fan of Christmas pudding but they look pretty cool. 

I used all Barry M polishes for this mani - Cocoa*, White, Spring Green and Blood Orange. I started with the brown Cocoa* base and then drew on the icing using a small brush. I've got better at drips and do them freehand now rather than faffing around with a dotting tool. Finally I added holly and berries with a small brush and a tiny dotting tool. In hindsight I maybe should have added some definition to the holly leaves with a darker green to make them stand out more.

Some of you may remember that I did a similar design last Christmas. I thought it would be interesting to do a bit of a then and now comparison so have included last years image below. I definitely was not very good at drips last year!! Using a glitter background is cute but makes nail art more tricky as it takes a long time to dry and doesn't leave a smooth working surface. I can't believe how much better they look this year, although that could also be that my nails are in better quality and my photography skills have improved!

I've been on a diet for the last six months and have finally reached my goal weight after losing 30lbs, yay! I'm so glad I hit my goal weight before Christmas because now I can stuff my face over the holidays and not feel guilty. Sorry for the over-sharing I'm just proud of how far I've come, I never thought I'd actually stick with it long enough to reach this milestone.


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