Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Who Painted Jessica Rabbit?

I love a good scroll through @nonaphilippa's Instagram account and have a fair few screen shots saved to my phone for future inspo. Today's post is taken from this archive. I was amazed by her amazing Jessica Rabbit nails and just had to try them, she made it look so easy. It wasn't. 

I really struggled with getting the proportions right and don't think I helped myself by not planning it out properly in advance. Also I have fairly short nails and Jessica has quite a long face so you'll have to excuse her slightly distorted new look!
Using a white base coat I drew on Jessica's features with a black nail art pen. I then filled the colours in between the lines. In hindsight this didn't work too well as I ended up with patchy colours and unclear lines. In the past I've layered up each section on top which took longer but gave a much better end result. 

I used Rimmel's Rock N Roll* for the main red in this mani as it matches Jessica's dress perfectly. For a bit of sparkle I topped it with Barry M's Red Glitter. I topped the lot with a matte topcoat as I just can't get enough of mattified glitter at the moment!
I'm thinking of this one as a bit of a 'Monet', good from far away but not so great up close!! Sorry  Jessica I feel bad for ruining your stunning looks!

Now I'm off to watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit (again), what a classic!


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