Monday, 24 November 2014

Nightshade Rhinestone Party

I've been experimenting with party looks recently what with it being the season and all. I decided to make use of a little rhinestone set I purchased on Amazon by creating a multi-coloured blinging accent nail. 
I paired the rhinestones with Barry M's Nightshade* which is a colour I have been loving recently. It seems a bit blacker in photos than it is in the flesh but it is pretty dark. However, I thought this offset the multi-coloured stones nicely. 

I only really use these kind of embellishments for one-off events as they are a bit clunky and don't tend to last long on my nails, even when I coat them with a clear polish. Luckily the set I purchased only cost me about £3 from Amazon so I don't feel too bad wasting them on one-time looks. They came in a handy pill box too which is good as previously I have got them on the end of cheap nail pens and always managed to spill them everywhere! 

How do you guys feel about rhinestones? 


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