Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nail Fail: Circle Doodles

Before you think 'oh gosh those look a mess, they've gone mad', I must point out that this is how these were supposed to look. Yes it looked better in my head. Yes I didn't twig that they would just end up looking like really messy polka dots. Yes we're posting them anyway so you can learn from our mistakes!

This design was inspired by doodles (again), this time drawn during a two day training session. Over the course of the session I managed to fill a large area with conjoined circles and it looked pretty cool, although a little like frogspawn which was kinda gross. I thought that it would be a fun and simple design to try out on my nails. However, halfway through the design I realised it wasn't quite giving the same effect! The end result was somewhere between fishnet tights and the world's worst polka dots, although a little part of us loves this little reject mani which is why we decided to share!

The base colour is the gorgeous Rimmel & Rita Ore - Do Not Disturb* which I definitely do not use enough, It's such a beautiful rich blue shade, I've never seen such a warm blue before. The pattern was drawn on with a Barry M nail art pen, as described I just drew on rough interlocking circles to create a pattern across each nail. Finally I finished it with a matte top coat. 

Have you had any nail fails recently? Do you find it as frustrating as we do when something doesn't turn out quite as you'd planned?


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