Friday, 7 November 2014

Geometric Glitterati

Rockstar* is our total fave from the new Barry M Glitterati range. It's a black tinted glitter polish with all sorts of glitter sizes packed into it and a rough holo edge. I've been wanting to use it in nail art for a while but couldn't think of anything fun. Eventually I concluded that the polish is tinted enough to use for a simple geometric pattern, yep, Glitterati geometric, we went there!

Using a small brush I drew on a series of little triangles freehand. As I used Chai* from the AW Gelly range as a base I couldn't do my usual trick of marking a grid on with a nail art pen. I was a bit worried the triangles would come out all higgledy piggledy but once you've got the first one right the rest sort of slot in. They're not perfect but using a glitter polish hides that a little, bonus!

From afar this mani looks like a gray based glitter polish, it's only on closer inspection that you can really see the pattern. I like that as it makes it slightly more subtle than most nail art (if you can call glitter subtle?!) Chai* and Rockstar* are a match made in heaven. We used a black base for our original swatches, but the grey softens it down and makes the glitter more wearable every day.

I used Barry M's matte top coat to minimise glare in the lightbox and I'm in love with the effect it has given this design. The glitter shines through but the whole look is soft and not uber shiny/sparkly. 

This was one of those manis that I thought would be good in my head and turn out rubbish so I was amazed when I finished and absolutely loved it! 


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