Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Coloristiq - Polish Rental

Last week we arrived home to find a cute little package on resting on our doormat and instantly knew our Coloristiq polishes had arrived! Nested inside the letterbox friendly package were three gorgeous bottles of high quality nail polish - eeek!

Coloristiq is a polish borrowing service which launched last month, you may have seen that we're ambassadors for it. The idea is that rather than spending up to £15 on one bottle of polish you pay a monthly membership to Coloristiq (£14.49) and they send you out three salon quality rental bottles per month. You get to keep the polishes for 30 days before returning them and choosing your next colours. Perfect if you want on trend nails but don't have the space or funds for a large polish collection! Your nails can keep up with the seasons without your wallet feeling the pain. Emma and I are lucky enough to get to keep this box, but the return postage is really simple and all the postage is pre-paid for you. 

We received O.P.I - I Have A Herring Problem*, Essie - Cashmere Bathrobe* and China Glaze - Ravishing, Dahling*. 

O.P.I - I Have A Herring Problem*
First up, O.P.I - I Have A Herring Problem*, one of two grey polishes in our box (yay!) This is a mid-grey with small pieces of silver glitter. You can see why they've named it after fish, it really does have that same sort of shimmer effect. The polish is fairly thin and we've only used two coats in this swatch, it could really do with three as you can just make out some thin areas. However, the formula is nice and it doesn't have any of the usual gloopy glitter polish issues. This is a lovely autumnal polish, with a little sparkle to keep you shining through the dingey days!

Essie - Cashmere Bathrobe*
Next is Essie - Cashmere Bathrobe*, the second, much darker grey. This one also has tiny silver glitter pieces, but not as many as the O.P.I so you don't get the same full on shimmer. Instead the glitter just lifts the polish a little helping it to catch the light. The coverage with this polish was better and two coats gave complete coverage. The shade of grey is lovely, rich deep and dark without being too 'goth', perfect for winter! Also, the Essie brushes are rounded at the end making it super quick and easy to achieve perfect nails.

China Glaze - Ravishing, Dahling*
Last but not least is Ravishing, Dahling* from China Glaze. I've got something to admit, this is my first ever experience with China Glaze! I was impressed with the polish, the colour is stunning and the formula is smooth and silky. However, I did need three coats to get full coverage which was a bit annoying as I'm very impatient. I'm not sure if all China Glaze polishes have a thin formula or it's just this colour that's prone to being a bit tricky? 

We hadn't even thought of polish renting before and, although it wouldn't be ideal for us as we need a large polish collection, it does seem like a great idea. Those of you who are interested make sure you have a look at the website - Please note this is a UK only service.

As Dahlia Nails readers are so wonderful Coloristiq would like to offer you all your first month for free! Simply sign up to the service then drop an email to with the code: DAHLIA1 and the team will arrange the rest.

What do you think? Is polish rental the way of the future?



  1. Haha it's a fun idea! Obviously not for me as I like to keep my polish but I can definitely see people making use of this service! I love the two grey polishes you got, they are gorgeous! I'm really into grey polishes lately - I suppose it's the autumnal weather :)

    1. We love a good grey polish too. There are some great ones that we haven't got around to trying yet but can't wait! It would make us sad to have to give all of the wonderful polishes back but it'd be a great way to try some rare or limited ones that have sold out. Or some brands that we aren't entirely sure about. E&J.xx

  2. Until 24th December if you subscribe to Coloristiq you will receive our subscription for £9.99 a month forever!


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