Saturday, 8 November 2014

Baby, You're A Firework

So we know bonfire night was officially 5th November but we figured most of you would be heading to fireworks displays at some point over the weekend? Of course you're going to need nails to match the occasion so we've created some inspiration for you! 

I took a long time deciding how to do these fireworks nails as there are many different varieties floating about the nail art world. In the end I decided simple would be better, otherwise I'd most likely end up with a sticky glittery mess (it's happened before). 

I picked out my go-to black base Barry M - Espresso and a silver Models Own nail art pen. Once the base was dry I used the pen to draw on simple fireworks outlines. A bit like snowflakes each one is slightly different to the others, but the general rule was start with a circle of dashes and add some dots around it. I was a littler worried they'd end up looking like flowers as the drawing process is fairly similar.

This is neither the neatest or most impressive nail art I've ever done, but I was quietly pleased with the outcome as I felt like they really do look like fireworks which was something I wasn't sure I would achieve. That was until I asked my boyfriend what he thought they were and he answered 'sunflowers', great! 


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