Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tough Mudder

This weekend my other half participated in his third Tough Mudder - a 12 mile, 26 obstacle, mud and ice filled challenge. Although I opted out of joining in, I did have the pleasure of the 5:30am start to go along as a spectator! As we had to set off so early one of his team mates, Lauren, stopped at ours for the night and I got the pleasure of doing her nails.

We opted to the Tough Mudder colours of black and orange with some trademark flames (there is actual fire involved in the course). We didn't get the chance to get the lightbox out for proper photos so sorry for the iffy quality.

I started with two coats of Rimmel - Oragasm* for the main orange theme. Once this was dry I used a small brush to outline the flames and fill in the black area with Barry M - Espresso. I then added Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream at the base of each nail, again with a small brush. Finally I finished off the flames with a smattering of glitter - a little H&M miniture polish I picked up a while back.

For the thumbs we ditched the flames and just added 'Tough Mudder x3' with a Barry M nail art pen.

Lauren's nails with her bib on the day
I've been wanting to try flames for a while (had them planned for bonfire night) so I was quite glad when Lauren requested them. We didn't have too much time so they're not my best work and I'm a bit disappointed that they're patchy in places. Maybe I will try them again soon and see if I can improve.

I was surprised how well they fared, 4 hours of crawling through mud and over obstacles and there were only a few chips!

Have you ever competed in a challenge like Tough Mudder?


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