Sunday, 19 October 2014

They're Creepy And They're Kooky

Do you ever create a design that is so far removed from the original idea you had? This is one of those manis for me. I adore The Addams Family and was desperate to create a look in homage but these didn't turn out quite how I expected. I think it's Cousin It on my ring finger nail that's throwing things off a bit. He looks a bit more like a tree than hair! Oops. 

Anyway, although they weren't quite what I had in mind I don't hate them and I managed to include some of my fave characters: Pugsley, Lurch (LOL), Wednesday, Cousin It, Morticia. My favourite is Wednesday for sure so for Hallowe'en I might do all back with a Wednesday accent. 

We are still fully in Hallowe'en mode so any designs you want us to try,give us a shout in the comments and we'll try and get them done before the big day! 



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