Monday, 13 October 2014

Polka Cat

Sometimes I come across designs on Instagram that I just HAVE to try. When I do I take a screenshot so that I can remember the artist to credit and also so that I don't have to scroll through the bazillion pics that Jo and I like on a daily basis. 

I'm not entirely sure how I came across this design (probably by searching #catnails) but I instantly fell in love. The original is by @keep_feeling_artsy who looks as though they don't really post much any more which is a shame as their design is so cute! They have used the cat on every nail which I love but is a bit much for every day so I went for an accent. 
I used a range of Barry Ms for this look: White for the base and Cobalt Blue for the polka dots, Lychee for the cat's face and black and pink nail art pens for the details. 

These are probably not age-appropriate for me but I don't give a monkeys, they are so cute!



  1. These are so cute! As cats are one of my favourite animals I'm definitely going to have to try these at some point!

    Olivia xxx

    1. Let us know if you do, we'd love to check them out. E&J.xx

  2. Super cute! Who cares about age appropriate! Just wear what you like :) Haha I do find it funny that you search #catnails :D

    1. I thought everyone searched #catnails?! Emma.x


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