Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas, despite it's title, is synonymous with Halloween for me. I'm amazed that we didn't create any NBC nails last year, how did that happen?! For an extra creepy look I went for a version of Jack from early on in the film, when he's still his super scary self (we like him better like that!) I teamed Jack with some black and white stripey nails to represent his rather snazzy suit. 

I was expecting this mani to be a lot more complicated than it ended up. I started with a white base and once this was dry drew on a circle for Jacks head with a Barry M nail art pen. I then added a neck and filled in the outer area with the black pen. I used the same nail art pen to draw on the features, and a white one to clean up any errors (so useful!) Jack does look a bit wobbly, but I quite like that as he's not exactly smooth and perfect in the film.

I used a metal nibbed nail art pen to draw the thin stripes onto the rest of the nails to complete the monochrome design. I'm a bit disappointed that the stripes aren't very even and vary a lot between the nails - more concentration needed next time!

Ah man, writing this up makes me want to watch the film again. Such a good'un!

What's your favourite spooky film?


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