Saturday, 25 October 2014

Neon Triangles

With autumn on the brain I felt like I needed a little light relief in the form of some neons. I came across a print on Pinterest that reminded me of a brash late 80s/early 90s print like those found in Clarissa or The Fresh Prince. I knew I had to give a similar style a go to get me out of my mustard-hued funk. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely loving the autumn manis that are around at the mo but I just needed something different to brighten my day. 
For the base of this mani I went for one of my all time fave daily shades: Rimmel's Little Bo Peep. I then drew the shapes on with my black nail art pen and filled with a selection of neons from OPI. I then re-outlined the triangles. 

Just what I needed to lighten the day! Are you still enjoying brights this autumn?



1 comment

  1. This looks great Emma! Very cheerful and 80's, I love it! I'm currently only wearing darker colours because I feel odd wearing bright ones to be honest - I just don't feel bright, I feel "blegh booh bad weather cold" :p


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