Monday, 6 October 2014

Neon, Geometric and Glitter with Models Own

Geometric? Check. Neon? Check. Glitter? Check. Am I getting predictable?!

I just couldn't help myself doing yet another geometric mani with the Models Own neon pastels Polish For Tans range. I know summer is officially over (although we loved that little Indian Summer) but I've just got back from holiday so am still firmly in summer mode!

For this mani I used Bikini, Misty Grey and Southern Lights glitter. I am absolutely gutted because something tragic has happened to my Southern Lights. All of a sudden it's gone super gloopy - I really struggled to get a glitter fade which is usually quite straightforward. I'm really sad as it's probably my all time favourite glitter, sad face. This gloopy glitter issue lead to further problems as I couldn't get even brush strokes over the top so my black lines are all wobbly and even the topcoat looks lumpy! 

Although I like the overall look and premise of this mani, if you look closely it's a bit of a nail fail. If I hadn't had the glitter issue it would have been better, but I also should have planned out my geometric shapes a little more. My usual tactic of winging it didn't seem to work this time. 

It's been one of those weeks where things just aren't working out as I want them to on my nails!! I've decided that I'm going to tackle my slump with more mani time, so all my spare time is spent practicing and testing ideas at the moment!

Do you have nail slumps? How do you get your mojo back?!


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