Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mr & Mrs Dracula

How cute are these two?! I really don't know what came over me when I created this look. I was trying to stop myself from creating any more Halloween manis but couldn't get past this idea. So I just went for it. I would like to say it will be my last Halloween look for you but I can't make any promises! 

I used a couple of Rimmel polishes for this look: Little Bo Peep (the most perfect grey), and Mars* as well as OPI's Yoga-Then-Yogurt*. I also used my black and white nail art pens for the details. 

I'm afraid I had to put a filter on this pic as we are back to that time of year where natural light comes and goes quicker than my ideas so had to take this pic indoors with a horrid tungsten light. The filter softens it a little bit. Eeeek, they're too cute!




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