Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mr Blobby Gets Gunged!

Recently Emma and I stumbled across the topic of Mr Blobby and how creepy looking he was. We decided that he was scary enough to feature in some Halloween nails, so here they are, our first of the year! Ok, they're not full Halloween theme, but you have to agree, there is something terrifying about that face, what were they thinking putting him on children's TV?! That's the 90's for you!

In true 'Noel Edmonds House Party' style we thought it best that Mr Blobby should get gunged! Every 90's kid remembers the lurid green slime that graced out TV screens each Saturday night, we can't recall if Mr Blobby ever got gunged but thought it was about time he did! These are the most garish nails I've done, and definitely not ones to be worn outdoors. 

Does this post make you feel nostalgic or do you just think we've lost the plot?! Those of you based outside the UK, trust us, this was a real thing!


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  1. Lol these are so fun, I love it. I used to love Mr Blobby! But I agree he looks kinda creepy xx


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