Friday, 17 October 2014

Hedonistic Houndstooth

I've always lusted after the perfect houndstooth nail design, but never quite managed to achieve it. WAH Nails are particularly impressive at getting it spot on. I haven't had a go for a while and recently uncovered some old swatch wheels with a houndstooth pattern on so I was inspired to have another go. 

I chose Models Own - Hedonist purely because I haven't used it for ages and it's one of my faves! It's really bright in person but the camera hasn't caught that very well. Maybe it's just teamed with the pattern it takes away some of the starkness. The white I used was Rimmel - White Hot Love*, from the Rita Ora range, as it's nice and dense. Some whites can be thin and watery which wouldn't have worked for this mani!

To create this pattern I started with two coats of Hedonist. Once the base was dry I added vertical stripes in white, and then topped them with horizontal stripes, creating a grid. I then used a small brush to add the detailing. Finally I topped it with Barry M - Matte Top Coat. I definitely did not nail the design, but I think I'm getting better, maybe. 

This is one geometric design that always seems to beat me! I'm determined to get it right eventually. Have you tried houndstooth? Does anyone have any tips?



  1. These look awesome! The houndstooth came out really great Jo, it's a pattern I love a lot too :) I love how you picked a red polish instead of black :)

    1. Thanks Robin! We thought we'd try something a bit different to the classic black. E&J.xx


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